Position yourself in front of a good camera.

Make sure you use a good camera. This can be a recent smartphone or a digital camera.


Position yourself in front of a white wall and use daylight.

Position yourself in front of an even white or grey wall facing a window. Avoid shadows. Make sure that no objects (wall clock, painting, etc.) are visible on the wall.


Pay attention to details.

The passport photo must conform to the stricter standards of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). So make sure you pay close attention to the points below:  

  1. A neutral facial expression: mouth closed, no smile
  2. Head facing straight ahead and shoulders straight, looking straight into the camera.
  3. Completely clear the face: the forehead, chin and attachment of the ear should be visible.
  4. The eyes are clearly visible: no reflection in the glasses, no tinted lenses, no red eyes, no frame that is too heavy or runs close to the eye line.
  5. Do not wear a headgear. (except for medical / religious reasons).
    Check out all the standards


Submit your photo.

It’s easy, just upload the photo and submit it. If you need the photo for an international passport or visa, be sure to also indicate the country of destination. We will make the necessary adjustments and send you the photos by post and digitally, with the guarantee that the photos will be accepted.

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Making your pass pictures

New passport photos, without having to leave your house! We offer a 100% guarantee that the photos will be accepted for your official travel documents or identity card.

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